Dear supporters of Berlin Oil Connection

The new harvest of olive oil is coming to Berlin soon. Extra virgin, Koroneiki, one harvest, from one farm in Southern Greece. We want to have a pre-order system for you. This will guarantee you a good price this year.

As you know our little import connection Greece-Berlin is growing, this year we double the amount we bring. This has grown far beyond a network where we mostly sell to friends. We grow as a company and are also trying new things with farmer’s markets and broader public sales beyond our initial network. This means we put in a lot more labor and costs and are asking higher prices. But we want to stick to a low price for those that support our development. This brings us to start a pre-order campaign.

To have the oil for the special price of 15 Euros per Liter or 65 Euros per 5L canister, we please ask you to order now and pre-pay. The deadline for this is end of February. The minimum order is 2 litres. There will be pick-up dates in Neukölln and Prenzlauer Berg in March once the oil arrives, if you miss these we will find other solutions, also if you live in other cities, we will arrange to send it to you.

If you order in the pre-order campaign and want to order more later during the year we will give it to you for the same price.

Please place your order at

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