Berlin Oil Connection

We bring to Berlin one of the finest olive oil from Laconias region in southern Greece. It is Extra Virgin and cold pressed olive oil.

Opposing the industry standard of mixing various oils from various regions and even countries for mass consumption, we established a direct connection to local farmers in the area of Geraki Laconias. Our olive oil is pure and handpicked harvest and produced in a cooperative factory. We directly negotiate a fair price with the farmers.

Less is more – Besides quality

Our focus is on the oil, so far we do not provide special packaging, but seek to distribute this oil directly to people who appreciate the taste and quality.

The olive oil of Geraki Laconias is also a protected geographical identification and that the cooperative we work with has certifications according to the agricultural standard AGRO 2-1 and AGRO 2-2/3.

Two things are special about this oil

First, it is very pure and not mixed with other varieties, so it has a very distinct taste. The distinct taste makes it also very usefull to refine your cookings or salads. Try it with white bread first to really grasp the whole taste.

Secondly, due to geographic reasons, the accidity of this oil is very low, lower than oil from Italy, and even lower than the oil from other regions in Greece. Oil of our region regularly won prices in international competitions.

This oil shouldn’t be stored in a sunny place, or in the fridge. Store it at room temperature in a dark place in your kitchen.

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